PKM Pendampingan Kewirausahaan Melalui Pengembangan Usaha Dan Manajemen Pemasaran Petani Hidroponik Selada (Lactuca sativa L) Desa Tenggir Barat Kecamatan Jelbuk Kabupaten Jember

Khanifatul Khusna, Salma Fauziyyah, Abdul Muhsyi


The intended partners in this community service program are several young farmers who have the enthusiasm to change the mindset of farmers regarding traditional farming methods.Partners is located in Tenggir Barat, Jelbuk, Jember. Currently, partners have 3 shelves of hydroponic lettuce growing media and it is still possible to develop more shelves for the production process. There are several partner problems, including: 1) capital problems to develop a hydroponic farming business, and 2) online marketing problems. The solutions and methods offered by the implementation team include 1) providing working capital to young farmers to build new shelves; and 2) providing assistance to partners to conduct online marketing management. The results of the assistance related to the marketing of hydroponic lettuce products through whatsapp business and social media went smoothly. Consumer response to hydroponic lettuce is also very good. The business development process through the injection of working capital is also proceeding according to plan.


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DOI: 10.55824/jpm.v1i1.6


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